Insomnia and Magnesium Deficiency

Cant Sleep?Insomnia. Can’t Sleep? You are not alone.
Research shows the population generally is seriously sleep deprived and its undermining our health. Here are some reasons why we need adequate sleep, and some reasons you may never have considered or understood that help sound sleep.
So if your not feeling full of energy throughout the day, first, take a look at what your sleep quality and quantity is. If you don’t get enough sleep because you simply don’t go to bed early enough, the responsibility lies with you! If you can’t sleep or have insomnia you may find the answer here.
17 hours without sleep , the reflexes are impaired and equate to having a blood alcohol of .05
High-level functioning of the nervous system requires enough quality sleep. Inadequate rest results in reduced ability to remember, concentrate, plan, make decisions, and carry out math calculations.
When we sleep deeply, we allow for efficient cell growth and repair. The release of growth hormones takes place during deep sleep. Never forget the importance of sleep in fighting infections or healing from injury. Lack of sleep causes an increase in stress hormones which are detrimental to the immune system, over the long term.
Too often, people who have difficulty falling asleep and sleeping deeply turn to medication.
My experience has shown that many sleep disturbances can be solved through natural means.
In bed early and still cant sleep? Address the Stress. Often a Bowen Therapy Session can relax the autonomic nervous system and reset the body to a relaxed state. Many years of treating clients this way has shown that after a Bowen Treatment, the client will report a wonderful nights sleep. Bowen therapy helps to reset the nervous system to REST and DIGEST mode, rather than being stuck in FIGHT and FLIGHT. This can happen to the tiniest baby, who as a result of Birth Trauma, is stuck in FIGHT and FLIGHT mode. This leads to sleep deprivation for both Mum and Bub!
Pregnancy Insomnia and Magnesium deficiency.Many symptoms in pregnancy are related to magnesium deficiency, the two most comon being leg cramps and pregnancy insomnia. During pregnancy the mother has an increased need for magnesium for the development of the unborn baby. Pregnancy toxemia is generally a huge magnesium deficiency. The treatment of pregnancy toxemia in pregnant ewes is magnesium injections. Humans needs are the same.
Insomnia can be the result of chronic magnesium deficiency .
The application of transdermal magnesium can often be the answer. The nervous system can never relax if it is short on magnesium. Research shows magnesium deficiency is the silent killer in our toxic modern world. Again, experience has taught, that you can apply Bowen or any relaxing therapy, forever, and make little difference if the basic building blocks are depleted.
Heavy metals in the body, particularly mercury, causes the body to excrete magnesium.
The body in its wisdom, will bind a magnesium molecule to a heavy metal particle. This negates the positive charge of the heavy metal and it is then excreted safely from the body. This is a subject described in greater detail in this helpful article about Magnesium and Toxins.
For now, understanding that most every one has heavy metal body burden, and the degree it affects individuals , often correlates to the available magnesium . The body will excrete magnesium at rates faster than we can replenish through normal diet if there is a high heavy metal load.
Remove the Heavy Metal load and increase Magnesium.I have experienced first hand, and seen in a clinical situation huge benefits using this protocol. So, if poor sleep or insomnia is a problem, and interferes with the quality of your life, you need help. Try the simple self help steps above. We may find you have a magnesium deficiency as a result of a toxic body burden.
Detoxification + Magnesium = Sleep ! Do some detective work and purchase a simple Heavy Metal Test Kit and see immediately the excretion of heavy metal in a urine sample. Showing positive for heavy metals, demands a safe heavy metal detox protocol and more magnesium.
Contact Tricia Stokes for purchase of Heavy Metal Test Kits , Safe Detox Protocol,or Transdermal magnesium Supplements. 0269757233

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