Sciatic Pain Relief Stretch

Lower back pain can often be relieved by simple stretches

Do you have sciatic or lower back pain?

Sciatic pain is arguably the most debilitating lower back pain. It is caused by a range of different things, but the underlying problem is pressure or pinching somewhere along the length of the sciatic nerve.
The actual impingement can be from directly where the nerve arises from between the L4/L5 vertebrae. It could be from tight muscles in the gluteal area, where the sciatic nerve winds its way through the piriformis muscle and then down the back of the leg and branches out into the calf muscles and the foot.
For most people who have severe sciatic pain, they don’t really care about the anatomical aspects of the sciatic. What they want, RIGHT NOW.. is Relief.
If the nerve entrapment is happening in and around the glutes, sometimes it only takes a little stretch to release it.
I love these stretches, demonstrated by Jesse Cannone, and have great respect for his philosophy of removing the muscle imbalances, which is the true underlying cause of most back pain.
Take a minutes to view this video. You may be surprised at the relief you get from sciatic pain.

Remember Sciatic pain isn’t the problem. It is a symptom of an underlying problem. Correcting the underlying cause is neccesary.These are mostly muscular imbalances, but could be as diverse as emotional, or a deficiency or toxicity creating an imbalance in vital nutritional elements.
It may be that muscles inbalance from left to right of your body are causing one hip to rise higher than the other.This in turn creates an uneven pelvis an can place huge stress on the L4/L5 vertebrae. This is really a fulcrum point of your spine. Ignoring the imbalances here is asking for a bulging L4/L5 disc sooner or later.
Consult a therapist trained in addressing and correcting muscle imbalances and you will find sciatic pain relief.

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