About Tricia Stokes.

Bowen Therapist and Wellness Advocate.

Tricia Stokes,

Recently, a chapter in my life closed. I have made a decision to close my busy, succesfull Bowen Therapy Clinic and create better balance in my own life. This blog site is a long held vision to share with the broader community what I have learned in the last 15 years, as a Bowen Therapist. My passion is empower others in taking greater control and responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

When there is Balance, there is Wellness, but it begins with Awareness.
Training as a professional therapist was perhaps my first major step in understanding the importance of balance in our lives. From a physical perspective, I learned, the more balanced our bodies are, the better we function. From a clinical perspective I saw miracles happen because of restoration of Balance through Bowen Therapy.
Some joke, that balance is a large piece of chocolate cake in either hand!
There are many dimensions to attaining balance… mind, body and spirit.
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